Hello from All Saints:


We wanted to send you some updates and happenings at All Saints.

We currently have four applicants for Rector, we are in the process now of picking one we feel will be the best for All Saints, we anticipate a decision by mid-March, at that time we will send our selection to the diocese and the Bishop will review and we will move forward.

In January we had our annual meeting, at that time we reviewed the finances, went over committee reports and elected our new vestry members. Vestry members for 2018 are: Bob Rivenburg, Melanie Thomas, David Desroisers, Louis Rapisand, Moises Tamayo, Thelma Williams, Aimee Harris-Johnson, Walter Miller, Enrique Rojas serving as Junior Warden and Russell Polhemus serving as Senior Warden. Our clerk is Snookie Golding. You are welcome to share your thoughts and visions for All Saints with all of us.

We presently are looking for someone to prepare a bi monthly newsletter. We also are looking for someone that will be able to contact those that we don’t often see at church to check in on their wellbeing and to see if they would like to receive communion and healing prayers.

We plan a Prayer Vigil from 6 AM to 6 PM on Holy Saturday (March 31). We are having the Great Vigil service at 6:00 PM. David has created an online signup sheet but will also print it out, it will be posted on the hall bulletin board. www.volunteersignup.org/WYE9H.  If you do not have internet access contact the church and let leave a message as to what time you will be there for the vigil. David will have several prayers available for people to use, you are encouraged to some that you prefer.

Groups of people may pray together as well for those who would like to pray in alone.
Let us know if you need any additional information or would like to be scheduled.

Action going on at All Saints:

Vigil Sign up/ sign up on bulletin board, or call the church in the AM to schedule with Dana

Choir practice and bible study each Sunday before services you are encouraged to participate

DOK meeting 3-11-18

Saturday the 24th of March. Lenten discussion at Parrish Hall, soup and sandwich 5:30 pm

March 25th   Palm Sunday 10 am will originate in courtyard and make our way indoors

March 26th    Great Litany 6 pm Monday stations of the cross

March 27th    the Shadows 6pm

March 28th     Evening prayer Seven last words of Christ

March 29th    ​Holy Thursday (Maundy Thursday)    6PM

March 30th    Good Friday noon and 6pm

March 31st    Easter Vigil 6am to service at 6 pm

April 1st        ​Easter

Some of this may be subject to change. We will have one Supply Priest the entire month.

Please send us a picture of you or your family for the directory, at the present time we only have two.

Got questions call the Church, we’d love to hear from you.  915-598-0721