This posting will keep you updated on what’s going on around the block that includes All Saints Episcopal Church and all the places around, including, the back lot, the McAteer Room, and so much more.

McAteer Room

As you know, the McAteer Room is host to Sunday services. Max and Yolanda Martinez are currently serving as pastors of a non-denominational church, which goes by the name, “True and Faithful Church” taken from the book of Revelation 19:11 (another name for Jesus). Pastor Max as served for over 20 years as a volunteer Chaplain for the El Paso Correctional Detention Facilities commonly known as the City Jail. His duties entail: counselor, teacher, minister and is solely in charge of all baptisms of the men and women that are incarcerated at city jail.

As ministers of the Gospel Max and Yolanda desire to serve the community both in English and Spanish to the best of their abilities according to God’s grace.

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