Are YOU called to be a Eucharistic Visitor?  Or … do you just want to learn more about this important ministry of All Saints?  If so, please join Corrine and David-Luke between the Eucharist and Potluck this Sunday for a brief meeting in the Chapel/Library, which will:  give you an overview of this exciting and immensely rewarding ministry of bringing Holy Communion to folks at home, in long-term care or in the hospital who are unable to make it to All Saints in person; answer any questions you may have; and schedule a couple of training sessions over the next month.   Eucharistic Visitors typically go out in teams of two, and it is an enjoyable, sacred and enriching ministry for us as Visitors and for the folks we visit!  As our beloved, long-term parishioner Jan always reminds us of her many years of EV service, “I always felt like I got more from serving than the folks I visited!”  For many of us it is the highlight of the week whenever we get to share Holy Communion, All Saints news, and life with others.

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